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Selecting a Medicine Ball

Medicine balls, much like free-weights come in a variety of sizes, weights, and shapes. These simple workout tools help improve strength, flexibility and overall fitness when added to any workout. Exercises like Russian Twists and rotation tosses are exercises that are intentionally designed to be done with medicine balls, but a medicine ball can be simply added to any exercise to maximize results. Before starting a medicine ball workout routine, it’s important to determine the right size to purchase first.

  1. Decide what type of exercise you’re going to perform with a medicine ball. If you’re hoping to build strength, stick to a heavier ball, more cardio or speed based exercise is best suited for a smaller medicine ball.
  2. Medicine balls are excellent for use in partner workout sessions. Determine how much weight you partner can handle before buying a medicine ball so two of you can enjoy the benefits of working out with a partner.
  3. A medicine ball should feel comfortable when held close to your body and heavy when held away. If the ball feels uncomfortable or too heavy when held close, choose a smaller size.
  4. Men may be able to effectively use a larger weight medicine ball than women. It’s crucial to keep this in mind when using medicine balls for partner workouts.
  5. If you aren’t ready for the weight of the ball, you run the risk of spine or shoulder injuries. Choose a medicine ball that is comfortable and not overly heavy.


Exercise Swivel Discs for Effective Core Workouts

When it comes to exercise tools, many gimmicky, expensive, and clunky machines and gadgets exist! Sure, some of them might work fine, but you don’t need a million abdominal rollers or fancy crunch machines to tone your core! Exercise swivel discs or balance boards are a circular tool that creates an unstable surface for you to perform many varied exercises on. The benefit of working on an unstable surface is the workout it gives your core while trying to balance your body during workouts. You body will use and strengthen muscles that typically aren’t used too often in trying to keep the body upright and balanced.  Below are a few of our favorite exercises using exercise swivel discs:

  • Crunches: Simply sit on the disk, place hands behind head with elbows to the side, and lower you body toward the floor, and repeat.
  • Upper body rotations: Stand on the swivel disc with strong posture with arms out to the side. Rotate arms and torso to one side, repeat.
  • Simple Balance: Simply stand on the disc with both feet and maintain balance without tipping over. You’d be surprised how much of a sweat this simple balancing exercise will build.
  • Knee Bends: Standing on the disc, slowly bend both knees while keeping balance.
  • One-legged balance: After you’ve mastered two-legged balancing, concentrate on balancing on just one leg.